Frequently Asked Questions about our Smartphone Video Workshops

SOME OF OUR MOST FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. Be sure to email us at [email protected] or phone 01 5175311 if you have any other questions.

  1. Who are the workshops for? Primarily people in small businesses who want to make their own videos, staff in communications, digital marketing and video marketing roles, but also public relations officers, journalists; in other words, anyone who wants to use their smartphones to make short effective professional videos for social media and online.
  2. Do I need experience of video recording? No, but it helps to have a good working knowledge of your phone, and how to add apps and back up your photos and videos. We assume a basic working knowledge of YouTube and the video functions on your phone.
  1. What kind of phone do I need for this workshop? A good smartphone, ideally an iPhone 5 or upwards, but a good Android like a Galaxy is also suitable. We find that the Windows phones are not  suitable as they don’t have great video apps. Small tablets can come along if the phone is not sufficient.
  1. Do I need other equipment besides a phone for the workshop? Yes. As well as chargers (video eats battery life), you will need a laptop and a Gmail account for YouTube. We send out an Advance Preparation Notice when you book a workshop, so you’ll have plenty of time to get that sorted.
  1. Do you supply equipment to use at the workshop? Yes, we supply tripod mounts, monopods, and microphones to show you how to put your phone on a tripod stand, how to record action shots, and how the clip-on microphone enables you to get professional sound for interviews, vlogs and outside.
  2. Will I take home a video and are there handouts?  YesWe encourage you to think about your video in advance, and bring logos from your company if you want to use them. We will show you how to add logos, text and transitions in the afternoon session. You will also take home detailed editing instructions and the top proven tips for recording smartphone video.
  3. How is the Workshop structured? It’s a full, busy day, from 9.30am to 4pm. We start with the essentials of planning a video, the mistakes to avoid, the insider tips for getting best sound, light and framing, and then we make a video, often over the coffee break. By lunchtime, everyone has made a video with 4 scenes recorded, trimmed, and uploaded to their laptop and storage right from the phone. In the afternoon, we show you how to make that video really professional with editing techniques such as transitions, audio content, and additional text.
  4. Do you sell the recommended equipment? Yes. From September 2017 we’re delighted to announce our new arrangement with Big Bear Sound, the Dublin-based shop that sells a terrific range of recommended equipment for smartphone video-makers. Big Bear will give a 10% discount on recommended equipment to everyone who does our workshops, either scheduled or bespoke. We’ve a separate blog on the recommended equipment here (to add in)>
  5. Do you run workshops for companies or groups in-house? Yes, we run weekend workshops, half-day workshops and bespoke workshops. We can run them in our Harbour View training space in Dun Laoghaire, or at clients’ own offices.
  6. Do you hold the workshops outside Dublin? If there’s demand, and a venue, we’ll travel, no problem.
  7. What’s the cost and how do I book? €350 per person for a day-long workshop; early bird discounts of €50 off. 6 places only per workshop. Book at for the scheduled workshops.
  8. What if I want to learn online? Well, from September 2017 we’re excited to offer our workshop online – a six-part Mobile Video Made Easy course available online at It’s learning in your own time and at your own pace, and ideal for those who can’t make the workshop. There’s a lot of extras including downloadable PDFs. Everyone who buys this course, or attends my workshop will be entitled to join the closed Facebook Group where we will update our resources regularly.

Any more questions? Give us a call at 01 5175311 or email [email protected]