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Do you need to master video-making on your smartphone but don’t know where to start?

Are you a communications or PR professional, or a journalist, who wants to learn essential video-making skills?

Do you want to save time and money on making good video content for your blogs, including your own YouTube channel?

Do you avoid the common mistakes in sound, lighting and steady shooting for smartphone interview recordings?

Do you want to find out the best tried and tested equipment for smartphone videos without spending a fortune in time or expensive gear?

Do you want to learn from a professional award-winning TV journalist who’s been teaching this course as a workshop for 3 years now with super results?

In my SMARTPHONE VIDEO MASTERY online course you get 6 fact-filled practical lessons with hands-on practical exercises that take you from beginner to confident video-maker step by step.

We give you detailed lessons in recording, editing and uploading good videos.

You learn step by step with a professional TV journalist, with an impressive track record in making TV content and in video workshop training.

Extras include membership of a closed Facebook Group where updates are regularly posted with reviews of new equipment and Apps.

Meanwhile, you can stay up to date with mobile video tips, tricks, and workshops on our Twitter Page or YouTube Channel.