Video Presentation Training

DO you need to make videos for your job or business but don’t know where to start?

Video has become the new form of communication, not just in social media and public relations, but in internal business communications, client discussions, and even job interviews.

We specialise in training individuals and groups in the key tips for presenting to camera, from planning a script, rehearsing the presentation, what to wear, and how to stand or sit.

We show you the methods the TV professionals use to maximise the power of video.

As an award-winning TV news journalist and Health Correspondent with RTE News, Aileen brings wide knowledge and insights to her video presentation training.

Give us a call at 01 5175311 or email [email protected]

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Irish people love radio because they love to talk.  So it’s no wonder (and thanks to the good Apple people) that we’re realizing the power of podcasts to tell great people-centred stories. Podcasts are little (and sometimes big) audio interviews, music or sound, made portable on our mobiles and devices via channels like Soundcloud & Audio Boom.

We’re professional radio producers who make podcasts and we love how easy they are to make: just you and us and the microphone and a digital media recorder or even a smartphone. Call us for more details and ask about the soundwalls!

Here’s an example of a podcast we are producing for the Irish Congress of Trade Unions!




Few of us can pass a play button without pressing it; look at the Ice Bucket Challenge on Facebook to see what I mean. Smartphones mean everyone can make a video, and Facebook in particular has meant that everyone can share in a click. But while spontaneous video can be vivid and entertaining, it is the well thought-out videos – scripted, steady and with good sound – that really engages. We like making good videos and showing you how to make them yourselves. Take a look at our Training section for more. And check out our YouTube Channel for some short videos we’ve made recently.



Who better to write your blog than a journalist who knows how to write for a general audience, can write to deadline and extract the story from the copy?

We specialise in writing factual newsworthy content for campaigns, events & advocacy. We’re passionate about people-centred stories in print, pictures and sound. And because we’re professional journalists, we know the “who, why, what, when and where” elements and where they belong.

We can also shape your content for media consumption, in press releases, articles, podcasts and videos.

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