We’re all “Rising’d Out”, she said.

After the high that was the TV coverage of the official Easter Rising commemorative events, with such a terrific array of both serious and entertaining offerings, a friend recently said (on the actual anniversary of the Rising in April) that she was “Rising’d out”.  And I had to agree. We’ve had at least a month of it by now, and we are getting to the stage that we can’t take any more reminders of what happened 100 years ago.

But well done I say to everyone who did their thing, whether it was attending the Rising events in their own area, or taking advantage of the Government’s funding for arts and culture organisations to reflect on the Rising in their own way.

And we at our office are also grateful for the Rising! We got to work with DHR Communications  and The National Library to produce a podcast series called “Voices of the Rising” and this post is to mark the day the final one Episode 17 goes up on iTunes.

Here’sNLI LOGO for votr the Soundcloud link for a little listen, and do share it with anyone you think might be interested.

And thanks for listening! Aileen