We are a media consultancy company, bringing unrivalled practical knowledge of media, in print and broadcast. We bring that knowledge to our work with clients on media strategies, planning and content.

We provide practical media training for broadcast media interviews, for individuals, and small groups, sharing our extensive knowledge and understanding of news generation, how journalists work, for live, pre-recorded and crisis situations.

Our clients include representative organisations, media spokespersons for campaigns, PR companies, training managers, and SMEs. We work with designated spokespersons, with non-journalists and with individuals who want to practice their media interview skills with a professional journalist before they go “live”.

It’s all about preparation, practice and confidence. With the right preparation, and plenty of practice, confidence grows with each media interview.

It’s also about planning. Working on key messages, target audiences, and planning outcomes.


Scheduled and bespoke Workshops, one-to-one training

Our popular Smartphone Video Workshops are run bi-monthly here in our Blackrock offices, and in Dublin City Centre.

We also run bespoke workshops on demand for groups of four or more, at clients’ workplaces and around the country.

Our online version of the Workshop is being launched on March 19th next. Go to for more.

And we do one-to-one training in smartphone video, podcasting and media interview preparation.

And do subscribe to our new dedicated video training YouTube channel – VideoTraining TV – for free tips, advice and reviews.


Need a 'dry run' preparation interview for radio or TV interviews?

We specialise in “dry run” media interviews in radio, TV and print scenarios, recorded and played back in workshop-style training.

We work on Key Messages with clients, help clarify issues, get the language right, and bring confidence through practice.

We work with communications professionals, spokespersons for companies, senior executives and more.

We create a simple radio or TV studio set up, or hire the real thing if required. Full recordings supplied.


Video is at the heart of so much communication, and this half-day workshop teaches how to talk to camera, whether it's for TV, webcam, blog or testimonial.

Need to make a video presentation? Are you doing regular live Hangouts on video? Do you need to know how to present to a camera? How do you use an autocue?

We are experienced TV journalists and presenters, bringing wide practical experience and insights to teach the skill of talking to a camera in a natural but effective way.

We run bespoke training workshops on request.


YouTube is the biggest broadcaster in the world, and it's a free and effective way to market your business and tell your story. It's not rocket science, but there's lots to learn about how to set up a channel and manage it.

In a half-day workshop, we help you set up and manage your own YouTube channel for your business. You go away with a fully set up channel, including logos, and content, and more:

  • how to find subscribers
  • great examples of Irish YouTube channels and what we can learn from them
  • video on a budget – the basics of smartphone video
  • story ideas for your videos
  • how to set up your own simple studio for recording
  • how to manage Advanced Settings


Podcasting has been rediscovered with the phenomenal success of the "Serial" podcast in the US, combined with the growth of mobile phone use. Podcasting is a cost effective and easy way to tell your story.

As professional radio producers and podcasters (see our “Voices of the Rising” series for The National Library of Ireland and our own “Clarence Street Stories” on this website), we can see the power of podcasting to tell stories.

In this half-day workshop, we teach you how to make your own podcast -whether you record on a laptop, a phone or a digital recorder.

  • the basic equipment you ‘ll need
  • how to set up a Soundcloud or AudioBoom channel
  • how to get on iTunes
  • how to do simple edits on the free Audacity software
  • our recommended Hindenburg software
  • adding images and content to Soundcloud
  • how to share on social media
  • the do’s and don’ts.
  • an editorial timeline.